Advanced Business Management (ABM)

Training Tomorrow’s Business Leaders

Managing a business successfully isn’t easy. It takes a wide range of skills to do it well. You either discover these skills by trial and error, and waste a lot of time in the process, or you undertake a course to learn the established principles that will help you achieve your business goals faster and more efficiently. The ABM is such a course.

UBT Advanced Business Management course trains students in the science of business management including the study of the key business topic areas in order to become effective business leaders.
Students will study modules on Leadership, Management, Finance, Operations, Sales and Marketing.

A business cannot reach its true potential if it is built on a limiting foundation. If your business is to thrive, it must develop a strong “professional foundation.” In order to do this, you must develop a strong “personal foundation.” This is the essence of leadership, the guiding force behind every successful organisation.

Management is not politically motivated, it is not power hungry, and it is not manipulative.Management is simply the purposeful organisation of work. We can manage well or we can manage poorly. The difference is us, not the process.

Trade is the foundation of business, and money is the medium of trade. Money permits us to exchange goods and services with each other without restriction by giving “value” a life of its own. It is the way we invest, analyse and record its use that makes the business a success.

To most people, marketing is promoting, advertising and selling. It’s the ad they ran in last week’s newspaper, the sale they are having of old merchandise, or the clever way they handle objections in order to convince their customers to buy. But marketing is much more than just a way to make one more sale. Marketing is the vital link between business and society.

All meaningful development and growth in the world of business comes as a result of sales and promotion. It’s a bold statement to be sure, but if you consider the relationship between business and society its meaning becomes clear. Business is little more than a series of fair exchanges of value for value, and sales and promotional activities are the sparks that ignite these interactions.

“Operations” is the cornerstone of business. It is the process that turns great ideas into consumable products or services. All of the services and products we enjoy as consumers come as the result of business operations.

The ABM course runs for 15 months and is a correspondence course to be completed both during and outside work hours, supported by webinars, supplementary reading, research and face to face seminars as well as workplace based assignments. Successful completion of the ABM course will enable students to apply for management and leadership roles within a business.

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